Get Ready to Indulge.

Fair Trade and Organically Sourced Cacao

Every single ingredient that goes into a Embers product is carefully selected and always of 100% natural origin. All our chocolates are non-GMO and lecithin free.

Chef Driven

Created by a Chef with savory and unique flavors in mind. . There are many nuances to each cacao - acid, flavor, texture - all these have been considered when creating our flavors. It is more than just dessert; the flavor combinations tell a story beyond the cacao and take you to different regions and into the seasons like fresh produce

Made in Phoenix

Bean to Bar, the entire process from roasting the cacao to packaging is all done in Phoenix, AZ.


Our Story

My name is Tandy Peterson, I am the founder of Embers Chocolate. I started Embers in the early months of 2021…