About Me

About me

Telling Stories through Unique Flavors

My name is Tandy Peterson, I am the founder of Embers Chocolate. I started Embers in the early months of 2021, partially as a hobby and partially as a challenge to work with an ingredient that was foreign to me as a chef. As chefs, we pride ourselves on knowing where our ingredients come from. With chocolate, I noticed a massive gap. What is chocolate? Where does it come from? How is it made? I couldn’t answer any of these questions! So, I fell into the world of chocolate, bought all the startup equipment needed and began experimenting as only a trained savory chef might. After six months, many trials, and much learning, I enlisted in some of my respected peers and closest friends to be part of my chocolate panel that met a couple times a month. As we tasted chocolate from all over the world, I started to understand what they liked and how I wanted my brand to be represented: Chef driven chocolate. There are many unique nuances to each cacao…. acid, flavor, texture, I wanted to take those flavors and amplify them into non traditional savory flavors. As a chef I was known for: “Expect The Unexpected” as well as “The Story Teller”. Each of my dishes created as a chef has a story and memory from my past meant to evoke new memories or take the eater into their own memories. Now with Embers Chocolate I continue “Telling Stories through Unique Flavors.”