The hardwood burns hot over a roaring fire. Dense smoke curls upward, the warmth permeating the room. In the distance, a chef toys with her ingredients. All but time. Time is the only ingredient not controlled, as it only moves forward. Time erodes, and so shall the wood; fire licks its way from pore to pore along the log. As the wood burns, nutrients reduce, water evaporates and physics of this thing called fire plays a symphony of sounds.  To chefs, those sounds mean triumph and possibility; the beginning is near. As the noises quiet, the wood becomes carbon, the smoke dissipates. The wood silently glows red and white; Embers are born.

Embers is meant to signify beginning.  Not a beginning as we might think of beginning a life, but as a beginning resulting from a transformation after struggle, hardship, and enlightenment.  That mid-life where you just know… This is my

Chocolate is happy, healing, and many would say even inspiring. I am bringing my chef’s craft to a medium where all can enjoy.  Cacao processed with the care and thoughtfulness of our ancestors, steeped with knowledge from the mind of a chef and infused with a spark of foresight. Chocolate not just as a signal for the end of a meal, but to inspire remembrance of the meal as a whole. Maybe even to be eaten before. I want to initiate new beginnings for how our dessert world is viewed and make chocolate it’s centerpiece.

Who am I?
I can tell you my name and where I’m from, but who am I is a subject is complex as the wood I use in creating embers for Embers.  I have worked in prestigious resorts. I have run the gauntlet of several restaurants as the only female in the
kitchen. I have worked in two countries without knowing their language, and I have developed flourishing culinary programs.

But who am I?
I am Driven. Tenacious. Creative.

But who am I?
I am change.

I am a woman standing proud and pushing through an industry dominated by men.

I am hope of doing something for yourself and the having the tenacity to accomplish it.

I am my people: an extension of those I have trained and a representation of their progress and failures.

I am the story of Embers, the bright ignition of the flame and the inspiration for others to stoke their own fires. Then I am the stable wood in the aftermath of the transformation; burning long and deep. A witness to the chain reaction and the creation of possibilities …in my case Food and Chocolate.