Black Sesame & Banana


I was wandering the streets of Cape Town in South Africa when I noticed the rich smell of chocolate in the air. As chefs, our nose guides us almost as much as our taste buds do, so I followed the smell through the streets until I found its source. This was the beginning… the first craft chocolate store I have ever walked into. I tasted and investigated flavors for hours asking endless amounts of questions. One flavor I just couldn’t get out of my mind though,
Black Sesame.
This combination has become one of my favorites and continuously falls to my current flavor whims. This takes me back to my childhood freezing bananas and turning them into chocolate dipped banana sundaes on Sundays!
~Founder of Embers Chocolate, Tandy Peterson~




60% Madagascar Cocao Solids, Cane Sugar*, Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Sesame Seeds, Ripe Banana*, Sea Salt*


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