Strawberry & Roses – Strawberry White Chocolate


STRAWBERRY WHITE CHOCOLATE – with roses, white grapefruit, and cacao nibs

This chocolate lives in the in between.
It is a thoughtless moment.
An inner peace of, JUST SO.
The smile that tugs at the edge of your lips as you look up into the sun, eyes closed. A saliva response after biting into a red juicy strawberry. The urge to smell a rose and touch the impossible smoothness of its silken petals. This bar is the harmony of strawberries and cream, but so much more. The tart strawberry and velvety cacao butter pair up perfectly with the bright citrus, floral spices, and crunchy cacao nibs, stimulating all the senses.


Cacao Butter*, White Sugar*, Milk Powder*, Strawberries*,
Rose Petals *, White Grapefruit, Cacao Nibs, Hibiscus, Cardamom, Lavender*, Salt


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